RC Training Protocol

RC Training Protocol

The RC Training Protocol is the gold standard in advanced real estate training.

Realising that experience alone was not enough for success in the real estate industry and realising the importance of advanced real estate training we at Homelife Best Choice have developed the most vigorous and intensive advanced real estate training program known as the RC Training Protocol.

The RC Training Protocol is available exclusively to Homelife Best Choice agents for free.

RC Training protocol is specifically designed to turn you into a top producer.

All agents who apply to Homelife Best Choice are thoroughly screened and after an intensive battery of assessments those who make it through are provided with customised training based on the RC training protocol and their individual assessment results.

RC Training Protocol is the gold standard in advanced real estate training. It is a very intensive and vigorous program which is designed by numerous experts. It pools together the knowhow, knowledge, experience and expertise of numerous experts into one systematic approach. What really makes RC Training Protocol so effective is the fact that it can be customized to suit your specific needs. You get expert guidance tailor made for you.

3 Levels of RC Training Protocol



The RC Training Protocol is based on a 3 level system. Each successive level builds on the level before.

To enter the program you need the basic training from OREA and be licensed as a real estate agent . You first work towards completing level 1. Once you graduate from level 1 you are ready to move on to level 2. After you completed level 2 you move on to level 3.

While each level is customized to meet your specific needs you can expect the focus of each level to be different.

Level 1 focuses on a broad number of topics including professional sales, business acumen, marketing, communication, product and consumer analysis, negotiation, strategic planning, knowledge management, technology and administration.

Level 2 focuses on Brand Management and Self Branding

Level 3 focuses on The Art and Science of Leveraging

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