Rex Cheng is nothing short of a prodigy when it comes to real estate. He graduated from University of Western Ontario with a degree in Economics in 2005. He joined the real estate industry in 2007 where he quickly won numerous awards starting with the Top Rookie Award in 2008. Since 2008 he has also been a Top Producer with Homelife 4 years in a row. He won the Diamond Award in 2009 and the President Award in 2010. From 2010 onwards he has won the Chairman Award 3 years in a row.

Rex was able to do in a few short years what took others decades to achieve. He made his first million in the real estate industry while he was still under 30. In the highly competitive real estate industry he realised early on that the old methods needed to be revamped. What made him so successful was how he was able to revamp the old methods and integrate them with his own unique and modern style.

His approach has focused on efficiency and success in today's market. Deciding he wanted to share his approach and style with others in the industry he set up his brokerage, Homelife Best Choice, in 2012, becoming one of the youngest individuals to own a brokerage.

He realised that experience alone was not enough for success and that advanced real estate training was vital for success. He also realised the importance of advanced real estate training. Working with other experts and incorporating his own highly successful approach and style he has set up the most vigorous and intensive advanced real estate training program know as the RC Training Protocol. The RC Training Protocol is the gold standard in advanced real estate training and available exclusively to Homelife Best Choice agents.

Rex works closely with all his agents providing them with guidance, training, support and opportunities for development.

He is focused on producing the next generation of top performers in the Real Estate Industry.

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